Model Frieda

–– Preview Pictures ––


My 1st selection has finally been made, I want to thank you again very much for your help and for letting Frieda pose for me during my visit in Germany! As agreed, you will receive 2 photos from me for FREE, including 1 my choice and the other you can choose yourself.

So you can now choose 1 photo for free, which I will  edit in the style you know from me. 

For a good result click on the photos below, because then you can enlarge them and view them better on your computer or laptop. 

The rest of the photos are still unedited!! 

They can therefore now appear somewhat faded and colorless and perhaps a bit out of focus, but the original images are all razor-sharp, this is because the images have been reduced for the website for now.

After your choice I will get started with the photo(s) think of loose hairs, dirt on the fur, branches on the ground that I will remove. The colors and contrasts will also be adjusted to a fairytale end result.

No permission is given to share the photos on this web page online with others because they are still unedited photos! 

Only when the photos are completely ready and received at home by email you can share anywhere you want, except for commercial purposes.

Don't download my photo's! Copyright MoNoa Photography, if you want to use one of my images please send me a email :